How do you use JDocFilter ?

After installing JDocFilter, a new frame will appear in the Javadoc frameset, right between the package list frame and the package content frame. This is the JDocFilter frame that is used to filter the package content.

The frame includes a text field and 4 buttons:

JDocFilter frame

Filter - filters the list according to the phrase (all elements that inlcude the phrase sowehere in the name are shown). To filter the results, write another phrase and hit "Filter" again. Hitting "Enter" will also trigger the filter.
Reset - resets the list to it's original state (no filter). Entering an empty phrase will also reset.
Case - Switches between case-sensitive filter (On) and case-insensitive filter (Off - default).
? - Opens a short information page.

JDocFilter will filter the current package content frame. If a package content is shown, it will filter the package content, if all classes are shown, it will filter everything.


To make everything light-weight and easy, no indexes are created and the original Javadoc generated HTML files are not changed (except for the index.html file). This means, that if the package content frame is very long, there might be a short delay when filtering (this delay will not occur when reseting).

With JDK 1.5 Javadocs, when filtering all the classes (3279 elements), it takes:
Internet Explorer 6 - 8-9 seconds
Firefox 1.5 - 3-4 seconds

Filtering smaller lists will take place almost instantly, hence if you select a specfic package before filtering, no delay will be noticed.

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